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End to End Wind Energy Solutions:

Our team is able to support all aspects of your wind project from conception to energization. We are able to provide support from initial site selection and layout to be the EPC contractor. For EPC projects we are able to provide a full wrap, providing a single point of contact solution for your wind project. While SML Energy has the capability to complete a wind project from start to finish, we are also able to support discrete of a project.

Project Development

Utilizing our extensive experience, we are a strong partner to wind OEMs/IPPs. Our team is able to support project owners on their initial assessment or site selection for a potential wind project.

We can provide the required technical expertise or supplement a developer’s existing capabilities with discrete services in developing a wind site prior to construction. By being an EPC contractor, we bring expertise to the development stage of a wind project. We also regularly work with the project owners and others while evaluating or acquiring a wind project in performing a due diligence analysis prior to buying or investing in a project.

Technical Capabilities

We can support all aspects of a wind project, with the capabilities of a full-service EPC provider. Our services include:

  • Identify best site locations/Feasibility Analysis
  • Geotechnical Analysis/Micrositing Analysis
  • Negotiates sale/lease agreements of the sites.
  • Manages environmental permitting.
  • Obtains all necessary permits and licenses for the construction and operation of the plants.
  • Manages the interconnection process to the grid.
  • Negotiates and obtains the power purchase agreements.
  • Access Roads (Logistics)
  • Power Evacuation System/Generation Tie line/Substation
  • Turbine foundation/Turbine erection manpower resources
  • Regulatory Affairs

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